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Sumic Tires

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Dixie Motors Inc. is proud to offer Sumic tires to Savannah, GA, Whitemarsh, GA, and Garden City, GA at some of the lowest prices around. Dixie Motors Inc. helps our customers find the right Sumic tire for your car or truck at the price that fits your budget. Give us a call at (912) 355-3568 today if you need help in finding the right Sumic tires for your car. Remember Dixie Motors Inc. is the number one Sumic tire dealer in Savannah, Georgia.

Sumic TIre Brand is a part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. The Headquarters of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is located in Kobe, Japan, and has been manufacturing rubber products for over 100 years. The company has recently received the "Tire Technology of the Year" award from the Tire Technology Expo 2010, in Germany. Sumitomo Rubber received the award for the Fourth Generation Run-Flat tire, developed using new Thermal Control Technology. This technology is able to provide excellent ride comfort equivalent to or better than standard tires, while maintaining run-flat performance.

The Sumic GT-A is the most updated version of the Sumic GT. This tire is an affordable tire that offers a quiet ride and unique tread design. The tire is ideal for all-season use on passenger touring vehicles. The Sumic GT-A is a quality mid-range tire, that has an extremely reasonable price tag. Other Sumic GT tires are: Sumic GT50 195 50 R15, Sumic GT50 245 50 R16, Sumic GT60 205 60 R15, Sumic GT60 215 60 R15, and Sumic GT70 215 70 R15.

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